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The cat! porfirio s adventure

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Категория ролика: МУЛЬТФИЛЬМЫ

Теги: the cat, the, porfirio, cat, adventure

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Remember to like the video if you've enjoyed it!Porfirio is a cat — a couch potato, a philosopher, a family pet, just a regular cat happily living with an ordinary family in a city. His lazy life is interrupted when his little owner is sent to the countryside to live with her grandparents for the summer. Naturally, she takes her best friend Porfirio with her. Aka, The most annoying little shit I've ever known. This game has managed to bring about the Ragnarok of my "Cool" the end days of my "chill", the usurpment of my "CALM". This recording was so long I had to cut it into several parts. It was REALLY late at night, so I had to upload this part as is, so that I could actually have something up.There's sadly a second part to this, and I'll be sure to have it uploaded when It's done being edited. The editing is the worst part of all, as it makes me want to strangle myself.Follow me on my Social Media!~Facebook~ : ~Twitter~ : Link to game: Be sure to subscribe!
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