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Kanye West Reportedly Lost Some of His Memory

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Теги: путешевствия

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This is Kanye West leaving the Mercer Hotel in New York City… and he is just hours away from his Yeezy Season 5 fashion show.The only worry is… he may not be the man he used to be.New reports claim that it’s been such a long road to recovery since his highly publicized breakdown… and one friend reportedly said his memory is coming back.So yeah, it sounds like he lost some of his memory.The friend didn’t go into detail about what exactly happened to Kanye’s memory, but suggest that he lost some of it is a pretty big deal.Especially since he’s trying to get everything back together.Either way, Kanye is readying for his fashion show and to be honest, it would be hard to have a worse one than last year. Finger’s crossed.
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